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Boat and yacht rental services

Boat and yacht rental services

Below we have answered the most popular questions about boat trips on the Neva River. If you did not find what you were looking for, write to us in the messenger and we will quickly respond. Contact us at the bottom of the page.
How is the walk along the rivers and canals organized?
By renting a boat or yacht with a crew, guests arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the walk at one of the berths indicated on the map . It is not recommended to be late. During boarding, they receive a brief briefing and begin. The walk takes place along a pre-agreed route, improvisation and extension are possible, if the time and conditions of the water area allow.
How many people can attend?
Rent a boat or yacht for walking on the Neva River and the water area of St. Petersburg in our company is possible for a group of up to 11 people.
What should I have with me?
When going to St. Petersburg for a tour of the water, do not forget to charge your phone. This is the most important accessory that will help to capture the surrounding beauty. If desired, take drinks and snacks, the rest will be on board: blankets, dishes, a charging socket, an audio system, a toilet and a great mood. If you do not have time to go to the market, let us know and we will arrange catering for the ship.
Is it possible with children?
Of course, you can rent a boat with children, but with a small restriction. It is forbidden to board gentlemen and ladies under 4 years of age.
How to become a partner?
We cooperate with hotels of different segments, from two-star hotels to boutique hotels and apartments. Leave your suggestions on 25windknots@gmail.com please tell us about your activity and offer for the event.
Is it possible at high speed?
In the waters of the Neva River, there is a speed limit mode. Beyond it, closer to the Gulf of Finland, there is an opportunity to spread your wings, if weather conditions allow.
Can I take alcohol or smoke on board?
It is forbidden to be on board in a state of strong alcohol intoxication and to smoke. This is dangerous for everyone present on the walk, including the ship.
What sights can I see?
Petersburg from the water offers a completely different view and a lot of attractions that are barely visible from the land. In our blog, which is constantly updated with new reviews, you can get acquainted with the most popular buildings of cultural heritage.
What routes are there?
A popular list of walking routes is here. If you have your own route or suggestions, please share them with us and we will arrange everything.
Will it be motion sickness?
Sometimes the wind blows in the water area and forms a light wave, which can cause kinetosis (seasickness). For guests who are prone to motion sickness, there are sedatives on board. Tell the captain about the peculiarities of your body before the walk, so that it will pass with maximum comfort.
If it rains and it gets cold?
From bad weather, wind and rain on board each boat there is an awning with window inserts. To maintain a comfortable temperature, external heaters are installed and warm blankets are always available.
Can I rent a boat for the night?
A popular night walk along the Neva River takes place in the midst of white nights and bridge-building. Duration from 2 hours. If you need more time or rent a boat for the whole night, please let us know.
How to pay?
Any form of payment: cash, bank transfer by bank details.
How do I reschedule a walk?
If you have a good reason to postpone a walk on the Neva River or the weather conditions do not allow you to go to the water area, contact us and we will postpone the walk to a convenient date.

Rent a boat or yacht for a boat trip
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And for those who have read to the end, name the sacramental phrase "25 knots" when ordering and get an additional 5% discount to any of your orders.
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